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Vanan Kumkumadi Lepam 15g

Kumkumadi Lepam, an Ayurvedic spot treatment addressing a range of skin concerns, from blemishes to dark spots. Powered by saffron, known for its prowess in reducing pigmentation and acne, this...


Vanan Ashwagandha , a powerful supplement for stress relief,increased energy, and improved concentration. This Ayurvedic blend supports well-being and mental balance, reducing stress and promoting calmness. Experience natural energy boost...

Vanan Turmeric Lepam 15g

Experience the magic of Turmeric Lepam, a spot treatment paste for holistic skincare. Crafted from pure turmeric extracts, it revives and transforms acne-prone skin. Scientifically known for its antibacterial properties,...

Vanan Moisturizer Red Rose 200g

Experience luxury with our Red Rose Body Moisturizer. The captivating fragrance and Ayurveda-inspired formula combat dryness, leaving your skin irresistibly soft. Acting as a protective barrier, it maintains elasticity and...

Vanan Moisturizer Lavender 200g

Experience the smoothing blend of nature and science with our Lavender Body Moisturizer. The calming lavender fragrance relaxes your senses, while our formula, inspired by Ayurveda, keeps your skin irresistibly...


Vanan Brahmi, a natural supplement for memory and concentration support. Formulated with Bacopa monnieri, an Ayurvedic plant extract known for its memory-enhancing properties. Experience improved concentration and cognitive function with...


Vanan Senna, the perfect supplement for promoting a healthy intestinal function and relieving constipation. These capsules contain Senna alexandrina, a natural extract known for its ability to support normal bowel...