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Vanan Kumkumadi Lepam 15g

Kumkumadi Lepam, an Ayurvedic spot treatment addressing a range of skin concerns, from blemishes to dark spots. Powered by saffron, known for its prowess in reducing pigmentation and acne, this...

Vanan Turmeric Lepam 15g

Experience the magic of Turmeric Lepam, a spot treatment paste for holistic skincare. Crafted from pure turmeric extracts, it revives and transforms acne-prone skin. Scientifically known for its antibacterial properties,...

Vanan Valina-F Lepam 15g

Valina-f Lepam is a targeted Ayurvedic herbal paste featuring grapeseed extract for precise spot treatment. Enriched with Resveratrol, it reduces wrinkles and enhances overall skin health. Indian Madder provides natural...